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OnStaff USA offers flexibility to both employees and companies. People can choose when, where, and how they want to work. Companies can get the people they need to keep fully staffed during busy times.
  • 64% of our employees say flexible work time is important to them.
  • 28% of our employees say they work for a staffing company because it gives them the flexibility and time to pursue nonworking interests.
  • 81% of companies cite labor force flexibility as the overriding reason for employing contingent and temporary workers.
Temporary and contract work provides a bridge to permanent employment. People can try out a prospective employer and showcase their skills for a permanent job.
  • 74% of our employees say it's a way to get a permanent job.
  • 72% of our employees obtain permanent jobs while working for a staffing company.
  • 8 out of 10 staffing customers feel that OnStaff USA offers a good way to find people who can become permanent employees.
Many people choose temporary and contract work as an employment option. They can select their work schedules and choose among a variety of diverse and challenging assignments.
  • 43% of our employees say needing time for family is an important factor in their job decisions.
  • 32% of our employees prefer the alternative arrangement to traditional employment.
  • 29% of our employees say they work for OnStaff USA because they like the diversity and challenge of different jobs.
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